Buying a Helicopter

1)     Providing a full financial report on the acquisition of the helicopter before purchase and over the duration of ownership. 

2)    Sourcing the right helicopter from reputable owners.

3)     Negotiating the price to achieve the best possible value for money.

4)    Verifying title of ownership and any debt attached to the helicopter prior entering into the contractual phase.

5)    Organising and co-ordinating the pre-purchase inspection .

6)    Setting up an escrow account to secure the transaction and protect your funds (deposit and balance).

7)    Compiling and releasing the purchase agreement .

8)    Following up and co-ordinating all actions after the pre-purchase inspection has been carried out.

9)     Completing the purchase and exchange of funds and title of ownership (Bill of Sale) between buyer and seller through the escrow account.

10)    Getting the best deal on spare parts, tooling , any additional mission equipment and maintenance contracts such as airframe work and engine ‘Power by the Hour’ agreements.

11)    Organising and co-ordinating the logistics for the export of the helicopter to the final delivery .

12)    De-registering the helicopter and assisting with the re-registration .

13)    Assisting with pilot training .

14)    Assisting with insurance policies and options.

15)    Providing you with second-to-none after sales support .