Selling a Helicopter

Selling a helicopter can be a costly and time consuming job, this As well as dealing with legitimate requests you’ll also need to sift through all the time wasters and fraudulent enquires. It is absolutely essential to note that from the moment the helicopter is actively marketed and that one or several potential buyers are secured going through the pre-purchase inspection and all the way to the closing of the sale the average transaction accounts for more than 300 hours of the broker own time. Quite often deals break more than once before they actually take place and money and title of ownership to the aircraft are exchanged. Each transaction as its set of challenges and they are often as sophisticated as the buyers and sellers involved.

That’s why Uplifting Aviation offers a full service role that deals with all the rubbish for you, dealing only with serious buyers. And because of our market and technical experience, we are always able to get you the highest return when selling your helicopter.

We are also more than happy to take on a full agency role in preparing your helicopter for sale, which would include preparing full market analysis, valuation and benchmarking against similar models currently available for sale. This data along with our live global market knowledge will be used to formulate a specific marketing and pricing strategy for this specific serial number. We only use professional databases that provide us with access to all owners, operators, and lessors and these data are updated on a daily basis. From this we undertake full advertising using a wide range of channels to targeted buyers. We then compile a full detailed specification sheets, photo and video of the helicopter to present its features and benefits.

We liaise with the Maintenance Specialist in charge of the helicopter and work in parallels with the CAMO to ensure we have the most up to date airframe, engine (s) and components status as well as applicable Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. Once this phase is completed we start the marketing campaign and reporting to the client. From then on we undertake full management of the project and are covering all aspects of the transaction.

To achieve the best resale in price in the market we ensure that we have the latest market intelligence at our fingertips. We are regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world due to our understanding of the current trends in terms of where the buyers are, as well as knowing the price they are willing to pay for a specific model.

We respond promptly and very efficiently to ALL requests. We achieve best return on investment and offer an extremely prompt and reliable service and a guaranteed sale. In fact we are so confident that we are prepared to refund our fee if we fail to achieve the objective set out as per the agreed mandate.

Contact us now to find out how we can significantly increase your return on investment and handle the sale of your aircraft.