Whether you are charged with running a fleet or this is your first aircraft, Uplifting Aviation are able to take on any job, no matter what the size. Buying the wrong Helicopter can be a very costly mistake, both in money and time, and this is where our engineering expertise really comes into its own.

But first we will need to fully understand why you want the helicopter, and more importantly, what you will be doing with it. There are many questions that we will ask before our in-depth analysis can begin: How many people will be flying in the helicopter? What sort of distance- range would you want to fly from and to, what type of mission would you like to perform and what would be your projected average annual usage? What’s your budget? How long do you plan on owning the helicopter? All these questions, and many more allows us to formulate a detailed picture of your requirement and help us recommend the correct helicopter to you the first time. We will examine all the options and present them to you in a concise, exactly understood manner, and if it turns out that not getting a helicopter is the best solution for you after all, we’ll make sure that we tell you why, and help recommend an alternative.

Through our consultancy services we have advised clients who are just looking to buy a single helicopter for personal use, and clients who needed complex multi-level transactions involving numerous suppliers and government departments. We can help you find the right helicopter for you, as well as setting up complex financing solutions in order to make your needs become a reality. Our consultancy service is entirely flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. We are comfortable working alongside you if you’d like to be deeply involved. But if you’d prefer us to handle the whole process for you while you can get on with more important things, then we are equally as comfortable.

We will always work with you for your best interests. Being independent means that we don’t have a hidden agenda to steer you towards a particular product or service and we are so confident about the quality of our service and outstanding level of support, that we cover ALL of the cost of marketing, our travel expenses, and market intelligence. You don’t pay a penny until the deal is complete. There are no hidden extras, what we agree at the start is what you pay, no more!